We love the law and practice it with energy and commitment. We are on your team and we work well with other professionals like your accountant or finance provider


You won’t find any wigs or pinstripes in our office; just our determination to make a difference to your life or your business


50 years combined experience so we’ve seen just about everything; can you surprise us?



We don’t see problems, we see challenges and we love them, we work with you to overcome any obstacles life throws at you

Customer Focused:

We have walked miles and miles in our clients’ shoes. We know you come to see us at some of the most stressful and exciting moments in your life and we are there for you. And yes we do return phone calls


We want to do an excellent job for you not just an average one. We constantly keep adding to our knowledge using up to date research skills and technology. We will share these insights with you not just when we are working for you but whenever we find something that might interest you


We don’t keep you in the dark, we tell you what we are doing and why so you can understand the legal issues and processes. We also let you know how your work is progressing along the way not just at the end.

Commercial Lawyers Surry Hills, Sydney

In just about any situation, it is knowledge and expertise that often tips the scales in one’s favour. Our thousands of satisfied clients over the years have counted on our ability to provide exceptional negotiating skills, years of practical experience and an in-depth knowledge of the law.

Our philosophy is to provide outstanding and affordable legal advice for individuals, families and corporations which protect their interests and obligations with integrity so that we become your solicitor for life.

Our Strengths

  • Powerful negotiating skills
  • Decades of litigation experience
  • In depth legal knowledge and understanding
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Practical application of legal strategies
  • Professional advice delivered with integrity


Great team at Sydun & Co, Victoria was a great listener and really understood my needs and made me feel confidant that I was in safe hands, highly recommend 5 Stars
Sydun & Co Solicitors
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East Sydney NSW 2010, Australia

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