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Chinas new trademark law

China's new Trademark Law has been issued and will become effective on May 1, 2014. Important changes in the areas of anti-piracy, prosecution, enforcement, well-known mark determination and usage, opposition, and cancellation have been made. Foreign companies and their counsel should be aware of these changes so that rights and interests are not prejudiced and opportunities are not missed. The significant changes include:
  • Strengthened protection against piracy
  • Shortened trademark prosecution times
  • Sound marks and multiple class trademark applications made available
  • Strengthened well-known mark protection
  • Narrowed legal standing for oppositions and invalidation
  • A mark proceeding to registration if the opposition fails...
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Socially speaking: In defence of social media

Social MediaHaving read Steve Mark’s ethical insights into LinkedIn I decided to investigate Steve’s LinkedIn profile.  It is a nice effort; a pithy summary of professional background, a friendly recommendation from a colleague and plenty of endorsements.  Shortly, Steve will also breathe the rarefied air of those with  500+ connections (many of us still have a way to go). I cannot then help asking: why the glum face about social media? Steve paints a picture of lawyer misbehaviour when using social media, which might already have had its...
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