Property Lawyers Sydney

We provide expert legal advice on property law when our clients want to purchase, sell, transfer or otherwise deal in commercial or residential property. This includes lease agreements, and licenses, mortgages, deeds of assignment, documents to vary the ownership of jointly owned property or to establish a legal or equitable interest in property and contracts for sale of land, all of which we can prepare on your behalf. Consulting with a property law solicitor before your buy, sell, lease or rent property can often help avoid owner, tenant and seller disputes down the road. Plus, we can handle all conveyancing transactions.

Commercial and Residential Property Solicitors

Our property solicitors have experience working on many successful commercial and residential property projects that have earned the trust and respect of our clients. In addition to our experience with the acquisition and sale of commercial and residential properties, we also provide expert legal advice and representation for leasing and managing rental properties.

Our Benefits

  1. Accuracy and attention to detail
  2. Review and complete all required contracts
  3. Advising as to how best to minimise exposure risk
  4. Resolve disputes and conflicts

Buying, selling or dealing in real estate requires access to very good and accurate legal resources to obtain the information you need quickly to make the right decisions. Our experienced property solicitors will be able to provide you with a prompt response.

We act for both Lessors and Lessees in lease transactions, on new lease transactions (both drafting Leases and/or negotiating Lease terms for a Lessee) and advice on ancillary matters ranging from Development Application approval from Council or a grant or variation of a liquor license needed to effectively trade the business. We understand what exactly is required both prior to negotiation of lease terms as well as the negotiation and amendment of lease terms.

In acting for a Lessor, we understand the need to meet your requirements for example; if a fairly uncompromising Lease is required to protect your interests yet maintain a level playing field with the Lessee.

In acting for the Lessee, we understand the need to negotiate the best terms that meet your requirements but also ensure the Lease terms are fair and reasonable and areas of potential dispute identified as this document will form the basis of a long, ongoing relationship between Lessee and Lessor.

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