Divorce & Family Lawyers

When there are disagreements in a relationship or a marriage, couples often lose their ability to communicate with each other. If that should happen you need someone on your side that will both explain and if required, fight for your rights. Our experienced family law solicitors have a history of satisfied clients and are best suited to help with these types of situations. These issues may seem challenging and uncomfortable, but there are many decisions that will need to be made that could affect your income, property and children. We have a solid reputation for helping couples have a more peaceful, dignified and less stressful parting. We work hard to ensure that the lawful process is carried out smoothly and the rights of the parties involved are not violated. In addition, when you are not sure of your legal rights and entitlements, it is our responsibility to enlighten you. This helps you get a much clearer perspective of what to expect when your mind may be clouded with emotions during this difficult period in your life. Matters that make couples separate sometimes make it impossible for them to come together and agree on certain issues concerning their family. It is through the help of family solicitors that peaceful settlements are achieved. As a couple, you need to think of how you will divide the property, with “whom” the children will live and the extent and nature of contact, financial support (maintenance) as well as finalisation of the legal relationship (the divorce). In some cases, there are time constraints on when specific legal documents need to be filed in court. We are able to cut through the emotional issues to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations after the separation or divorce and can deal effectively with them. It may be that our advice is needed at commencement of a relationship in the form of a pre-nuptial agreement or associated estate planning.

What to expect

During your first visit we take the time to listen to you, take detailed instructions, analyse the case and advise you on the best possible legal approach. If you decide to seek our representation, we will handle all legal issues that arise in the family. This includes offering professional advice, negotiations, mediation if appropriate, failing which, completion and filing of court documents and then representing you in court. Our priority is to ensure that your rights and assets are preserved in so far as it is possible to do so and issues such as children and financial matters are solved amicably or at least by negotiated settlement, if possible. We also work extensively with couples in a marriage, de facto or same sex relationship who are undergoing fertility procedures or contemplating surrogacy as well as children’s issues and parenting orders. Having to part ways is stressful enough. When you add the legal issues, it sometimes becomes unbearable. We’re here to help you with the process. Call (02) 9283 2355 to talk with a family law solicitor today!

Wills and Succession

  • Drafting Wills and Codicils
  • Estate Planning Advice
  • Family Provision Applications
  • Applications for Probate and Letters of Administration

Separation and divorce

  • Advising about separation
  • Acting on divorce applications

Child Custody

  • Advising about parents rights and obligations towards children post separation
  • Assisting in negotiating agreements relating to children including where they live and access to children
  • Acting in contested proceedings relating to children
  • Advising about child support

Family Law Property negotiations and proceedings

  • Advising on property settlements and disputes
  • Assisting in negotiating property settlements
  • Acting in contested property proceedings

General litigation

  • Disputes relating to property where parties are not married or in a de facto relationship;
  • Disputes with government departments and instrumentalities
  • Disputes with universities

Assisted Fertility and surrogacy

  • Advice relating to assisted fertilization
  • Drafting Agreements relating to surrogacy